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Make a Plan

Get started creating your family emergency plan.


Utah is earthquake country. Learn earthquake facts and safety tips.

Social Media

Keep up to date with emergency preparedness information and news.

Get a Kit

Get tips and ideas on the types of kits and how to build them.

Special Needs

Learn how you or someone you love can get assistance in an emergency.

Food Storage

Where to start, what foods are best and how much will you need.

Be Informed

Learn how to better prepare for and survive different disasters.




Children & Disasters

Information to better prepare your children in case of disaster.

Water Storage

In a disaster, water supplies may be cut off. Are you prepared?

Get Involved

Learn about CERT training and other ways to volunteer during disaster.

Pet Preparedness

Don't forget Fido! Find tips on emergency plans and kits for your pets.


Know the evacuation steps that may save your life.