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Emergency Management
Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA)
MEMA Main Number General Information (410)517-3600
MEMA Toll Free Agency Toll Free Number (877)MEMA-USA
Agency Fax Facsimile Number (410)517-3610
Office of the Executive Director
Russ Strickland Executive Director (410)517-3601
Tasha McNutt Executive Director's Assistant (410)517-3633
Cal Bowman Deputy Director of the Governor's Office of Homeland Security (410)517-3600
Kate Hession Deputy Executive Director (410)517-3602
Jo Fogell Executive Assistant (410)517-3627
Terry Thompson Chief of Staff (410)517-3604
Lydia Simonaire Special Assistant (410)517-3613
Regional Liaisons
John Dulina Central Maryland Regional Liaison Officer (410)517-3600
William Hildebrand Upper Eastern Shore Regional Liaison Officer (410)517-3600
Kelly McGuire Southern Maryland Regional Liaison Officer (410)517-3600
John Reginaldi Western Maryland Regional Liaison Officer (410)517-3600
Edward Werkheiser Lower Eastern Shore Regional Liaison Officer (410)517-3600
Operations Directorate
Elizabeth Webster Assistant Director of Operations (410)517-3645
Travis Nelson MSP Liaison (410)517-3600
Will Melville GIS Analyst (DoIT) (410)517-3634
Tim Hutchison GIS Specialist (CGIS) (410)517-3626
MD Joint Operations Center (MJOC)
Gary Zamerski MJOC Manager (410)517-3646
Valeri Blanton MJOC Shift Supervisor (410)517-3600
Timothy (Tim) Schneeman MJOC Shift Supervisor (410)517-3600
Joanne Hohman Acting MJOC Shift Supervisor (410)517-3600
Holly Powell MJOC Operations Officer (410)517-3600
Mark Beall MJOC Operations Officer (410)517-3600
Tracie Martinek MJOC Operations Officer (410)517-3600
Eric Olah MJOC Operations Officer (410)517-3600
Jason Kelley MJOC Operations Officer (410)517-3600
Jeff Ludwig MJOC Operations Officer (410)517-3600
Beth McCullen MJOC Operations Officer (410)517-3600
Brian Wood Communications Specialist (410)517-3648